György Mór KÁRPÁTI (1984) is a Budapest-based film director and writer. He studied at the Directors’ Department of the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. His short films have been selected to major international film festivals: ’Provincia’ premiered at the Cinéfondation Selection Cannes 2014, ’Forest’ competed at the Berlinale Shorts 2011. He is currently developing his first feature film.
Gólyatábor (Student Union)
short film, 9 min.
in competition: Slamdance, Angers, Cottbus, Bilbao
short film, 21 min.
international premiere: Cinéfondation Selection, Festival de Cannes 2014
in competition: Angers, Cairo, Cottbus, Sarajevo etc.
Erdő (Forest)
short film, 12 min.
world premiere: Berlinale Shorts 2011
in competition: São Paulo ISFF, ISFF Drama, Cinessonne etc.
Éjfél (Midnight)
short film, 18 min.
awarded at the AsoloArtFilmFestival 2010
Metropolitan Archaeology
architecture film, 10 min.
co-directed with the Gruppo Tökmag
screenings: Lima Independiente 2013, Paris, Warsaw, Brno etc.